Program Descriptions


The ability to run after the cycling portion of a triathlon is a key element to having a successful race. This group training session is designed to fine tune and increase your ability to run quickly and comfortably off the bike. Triathlon Club Group Brick will help athletes adapt to the transition between the cycle and the run. Coaches will provide athletes with opportunities to build their aerobic base which will enable them to run quickly and comfortably after the bike. Coaches will also educate athletes on pacing strategies and provide them opportunities to practice the skills required for a quick transition.


Everyone knows that you swim faster in groups! Athletes are introduced to a variety of interactive drills designed to improve technique and efficiency in the water. Results from individual assessments will be used to monitor the progression and development of each athlete and will be used to determine optimal training zones. These zones will become the basis of the training for the upcoming competitive season.


Triathlon Club members train in a group setting on their own bicycles using indoor smart trainers. Athletes can increase their cycling power by training in a motivating environment. Coaches will introduce the athletes to a variety cycling-specific drills and assessments. The results from these assessments will be used to monitor the progression and determine the ideal training zone for each athlete.


The swimming and running portions of a triathlon can be the most challenging and intimidating components of the race. Athletes will get the opportunity to improve their efficiency by perfecting their technique in both disciplines. Coaches will provide athletes with a foundation for their training through a variety of athletic drills and assessments.

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