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October 25, 2017

Member Spotlight

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What motivated me was the want of change. If I can do it, you can do it too! 

Masoud Foroozan 
Member Since – November 26th 2007 

Being 189lbs with height of 157cm at the age of 53 in Feb 2015, I wanted a change but didn’t know exactly what kind of change, I just needed a change.

I joined gym and a month later a friend mentioned that he was joining a 10K marathon. I also signed up, even though 10K seemed to be out of reach, I started exercising every chance I could. Despite this, my weight didn’t come down much as I expected so I learned to watch my calorie intake and diet. Slowly my weight came down. On marathon day, I was able to finish and felt as though I still had energy to burn. I continued my training and ran the Kelowna Marathon, which I finished. I felt that every penny I spent was worth it and the feeling of achieving this goal was incredible. 

When I told one of my good friends he suggested I try IRONMAN. I wasn’t quite sure what this was and he explained that it is a triathlon with longer distances. I didn’t think too much of this at the time so I stuck to running marathons. 

It seemed that every time I completed a marathon, they became easier and I was seeing better results. I was so excited from the energy and the joy of athletics that I registered for the Whistler 2016 full IRONMAN not knowing how to front crawl swim and not even owning a triathlon bike. I booked a hotel and started training for the IRONMAN at Repsol Sport Centre, focusing on my front crawl. It was difficult and stressful learning the front crawl, knowing the race was only 2 months away and that I had to swim a distance of 3.8km. I practiced swimming up to three hours every day. It was so tough that some nights I could not move my neck because it was so sore. One of my friends told me that I must practice in open water; it was another challenge for me. I found a group of swimmers using a lake community to practice, joining them made practice a lot easier and more fun. It was nice to meet some like-minded individuals as well. One month before the IRONMAN my bike arrived. I only rode my bike twice from a distance of 50 to 70km. To IRONMAN standard I was not ready but in my mind, I was.

When the IRONMAN started with the swimming portion, I finished it in 1hour and 37minutes. During the biking portion, I fell and still had around 13km left to finish but was not allowed to continue the bike race because of race rules. I had to forfeit the race, I felt so disappointed. The very next day I registered for IRONMAN 2017. I continued to practiced and trained with all of the free time I had. 

Finally, in July 2017 I participated in my second IRONMAN. Although it was windy that day I continued with lot of energy and focus and when I crossed the finish line I felt on top of the world. 

What motivated me was the want of change. Sometimes we want change but we don’t know what. We should try everything that comes our way. The answer sometimes lies in being committed and loyal to what you pursue and these consistencies bring happiness. What has worked for me is exercise, training, participating in organized races and a good diet. When you want to change, you should change your thoughts, your approaches and your what you put into your body. Surrounding myself with a positive atmosphere, conversations, movies, books and people was also part of the change.

My advice:  Your body is the instrument to enjoy and make your life flourish. You should take care of it spiritually, mentally and physically. These three can lead to a well-balanced life. Get inspired and inspire. If I can do it, you can do it too! 


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