Our 8th Annual 10 Mile Tri is currently postponed until May 2, 2021 or potentially another timeframe altogether.  While we open up registration again, we do so not naively based on current sport restrictions, but we do so as training is a door to hope, and hope creates an “I can do it” and “makes things happen” feeling.  Challenges and difficulties in our life try to steal our hope – but we’re here to say – let’s get on training and getting prepared for whatever future possibilities comes our way.   So take advantage of the training offered today, and get into the pool for a swim. Please have no worry about registering for this event because we are offering a 100% refund guarantee if the event does not run this season.  We thank all the individuals who have already registered and are excited to host the first event of the season inside our legendary tent.



Video credits:
Vanessa Ronksley, 3433 Program Registrant
Bart Ujack, 3433 Sport Performance Manager
Peter Kaczan, Film Production

The 8th annual Centaur Subaru 10 Mile Triathlon is a short distance triathlon race presented by Repsol Sport Centre’s 3433 Sport Performance Centre. This event provides a great opportunity for Calgarians of all abilities to experience the exciting sport of Triathlon. If you are new to the sport of Triathlon or just eager to race, come kick off your 2021 Race season with us!


  • Members – $62
  • Non-Members – $75

Each registrant will receive a 10 Mile Tri Purist Water Bottle and Face Mask.


Athletes that complete 10 Miles during the event (Total Combined Distance) will receive a Prize! More details to come.

G.R.I.T awards – at the 10 Mile Tri we do things a little different when it comes to giving out prizes.  We want to celebrate the sport of Triathlon and want everyone to have an equal chance to win some of our amazing SWAG! What we do is have the Vendors, the people who donated the prizes, select the athletes they see expressing True GRIT = Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity. Whether you are a first timer or are competing in your 100th event, you have the ability to win a prize.


15 min pool swim
15 min indoor spin bike
15 min indoor treadmill run

You will start with the swim in a wave of 16 swimmers in our 25m pool to see how far you can cover in 15 min. Swim two laps or swim 30 laps (its 100% your option to cover as little or as much distance as you can/want in 15 min). In the second leg, you have 10 minutes to get to the TechnoSPIN Studio and hop on a stationary bike to see how far you can ride in 15 minutes. Like the swim, it’s your choice how hard to ride during the bike portion. Once completed you have 10 min to get into your running shoes and onto the treadmills for the last leg of the race.

We recommended that you use the same outfit for the entirety of the race, start to finish.  However, you can bring a bag with you to add clothes on to your body or store food and hydration.  There will be no opportunity or location to fully change your clothes in private setting. There will be a transition zone between the pool and the bike portion of the race (TBD).  Again, there will be no set location for a change room.  Each heat (16 people) will be traveling as a group from station to station, as one unit, socially distanced of course.

More details to come on cleaning protocols in between each heat.



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