About Us

Our community of Members, athletes, and guests show tremendous strength in their pursuit of a lifelong commitment to being active.  ​We’re here to help you in this pursuit of being courageous with your mind and body – forever swimming, forever running, forever weight lifting, or whatever activity moves you. Here you can discover or even rediscover your forever after so you can keep getting stronger, and living better.

Welcome to our NEW Tagline:

The meaning behind the tagline:

The words are intentionally lower case to exude an approachable and casual vibe, allowing us to connect easier with our target market.  The period separates each statement, acting as an element to support the brand attributes of being steadfast, dedicated, and decisive.  

The tagline is ultra-flexible:

It conveys our message to our target audience that we know they care about and understand.  The words “active” and “strong” derive from our member spotlight stories, customer comment cards, and social media engagement.

It’s easy to say and easy to remember. It delivers on our key facility attributes, values and benefits.  The word “strong” can be played with and flexed out for various other aspirational and descriptive words depending on what program or service offering we are communicating.

What this means to you?

The tagline is another way for each of us to love and live our brand attributes, celebrate it, and share it with others to inspire them.   We’d also love your help launching our new tagline by commenting, liking or sharing it when you see it on our social media channels.  #foreveractiveforeverstrong

Our Goals

  1. Future Growth & Development
    Primarily driven through the Legacy Committee project, strategically explore opportunities that enhance the dual mandate and support Legacy plans for the protection and enhancement of the facility’s mission and vision that positions Repsol Sport Centre as a world leader in sport and recreation.
  2. Technology & Innovation
    Repsol Sport Centre will be an industry leader in the use of technology to interface with stakeholders and, in serving the training, competition and play needs of athletes and citizens of Calgary.
  3. Reputation & Experience
    The Centre will lead the industry with a level of service and consistent standards that are supported by strategic alignments, expert resources, dynamic programs and legendary service.
  4. Facility  & Equipment Enhancements
    To pursue the highest standard of excellence in facility infrastructure, environment and equipment for sport training, competition and fitness. 

Dual Mandate 

Repsol Sport Centre operates under a dual mandate as directed by The City of Calgary to support both Members and Sport Partner Athletes. We are in constant pursuit to successfully balance our dual mandate and are proud to offer our facility and services to these diverse groups. We appreciate and thank all our members and customers for helping us achieve this.

  • To provide training and competition facilities and services for the development of Calgary's high performance athletes in their respective dryland and aquatic sports.
  • To provide facilities, programs and services for the wellness and recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary.




Repsol Sport Centre is a world class sport and fitness facility that inspires individuals and teams to achieve their goals and dreams through innovation, expertise and passion.


  1. SAFETY – Creating a safe environment is our number one priority. It is beyond compromise and we are responsible to ensure everyone is protected.
  2. LEGENDARY SERVICE – The strength of our team, and respect we show for each other, empowers Repsol Sport Centre employees to continually exceed expectations of our customers and create meaningful and unique experiences, setting us apart from the competition.
  3. EXCELLENCE – A journey of fulfillment of the organization’s strategic goals, continually raising the bar in all aspects of our business operations to forever create new competitive advantages. 
  4. INNOVATION – Bold thinking that challenges, changes and enhances the organization.
Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation

We are closed until further notice.

There are no Group Fitness or Registered
Classes on statutory holidays.

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