Calling all Swimmers, Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes and Multi-Sport Athletes between 12-19 years old

If you are looking to become a triathlete or you are a triathlete striving to improve your performance in draft legal racing, 3433 Youth Triathlon Club is for you! Our 3433 Sport Performance Centre coaching team develops athletes for best performances in the Kids of Steel. With a specific program designed to maximize performance and enjoyment in this growing endurance sport.

As part of the TRAIN to TRAIN stage of Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development pathway, athletes in our programs will build their aerobic base, speed and strength while learning and consolidating triathlon-specific skills.

Junior/Youth Squad (Ages 12-19)

$175/month + GST

The Youth Squad is for all athletes who are new to triathlon or you are a triathlete striving to improve your performance. Our 3433 coaching team develops athletes for best performances in Kids of Steel and draft legal triathlons. With a specific program designed to maximize performance, and enjoyment in the sport. 


  • EXPERT COACHING: 5 coached club sessions per week.
    • Tuesday: 5:00-6:30pm – Run
    • Wednesday: 4:30-6:00pm – Strength
    • Thursday: 5:00-6:30pm – Run
    • Saturday: 12:00-1:30pm – Bike
    • Sunday: 10:30-12:00pm – Swim
  • ​REPSOL SPORT CENTRE MEMBERSHIP: Full access to the facility.
  • 3433 SPORT PERFORMANCE STUDIO ACCESS: Exclusive access to the studio during non-class times.
  • COMPLIMENTARY BIKE STORAGE: Athletes must provide their own pad lock to secure their bike and sign a waiver.
  • TRAINING PEAKS™ ACCOUNT: This provides our coaching team with a way of prescribing and tracking workouts. Athletes have the ability to log and communicate workouts on this online or app based form.
  • PARENT BENEFITS: Minimal fundraising to reduce uniform and coaches travel costs, minimal volunteering, safe and structured environment, minimal travel​

Accepting Registrations Throughout the Year

The 3433 Junior Club schedule may vary by season. Classes include evening sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, as well as weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 5am - 10pm
Saturday: 6am - 9pm
Sunday: 7am - 9pm
Statutory Holidays: 7am - 8pm

There are no Group Fitness or Registered
Classes on statutory holidays.

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