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Lunchtime fitness is just a jog and step away.

Jenny Shum
Member Since – June 2008

I joined Repsol Sport Centre in 2008 when my office moved from the downtown core to the Mission area. I was worried that it would not be as convenient as the corporate gyms accessible through the plus 15 system. However, I was surprised when it is a quick 5 min jog from my office and have been going regularly at lunch ever since. Repsol Sport Centre is convenient for me but it is also really is one of the best facilities in Calgary. What I like most are the fitness classes included at no cost with the membership. There is a wide variety to choose from with great instructors which keep it challenging and interesting. Even at lunch, there are usually 2 options to choose from. My current favorites are the Adrenaline, Bootcamp, and Power Cycle classes. 

Over the years, I’ve seen more and more colleagues from my office going to Repsol Sport Centre at lunch. When you work at a desk all day, it can be challenging to stay active. I think it’s also a great way to break up the day, manage stress and boost energy levels. 

My kids have also had a chance to come to Repsol Sport Centre for swimming and summer camps. The specialized sport camps offer a chance to try new activities. My daughter really enjoyed rhythmic gymnastics, fencing, and of course FLOATABLES!

I first became a member before I had kids, and since then life has gotten much busier. I’m grateful that the Repsol Sport Centre has continued to make it easy and fun for me to fit exercise into my schedule! Lunchtime workouts have really improved my standard of living and I don’t plan on stopping them anytime soon! 

Don't be afraid to fail.

Marina Riva 
Member Since – October 2009

My fitness story starts in Milano, Italy where I was born. As a kid, I spent most of my free time playing outside. Growing up in a condo in a big city, I was lucky enough to have a huge gated back yard and few trusted friends. It didn’t matter what we played but, at the end of the day, my parents were always complaining that I was covered in dirt. When I was 9 I first saw gymnastics on TV and fell in love with it, so I joined a gymnastics club. My coaches thought was good and in less than one year I joined the higher-level team. I loved it so much that I started to dream about being an Olympian.

I began to compete at a local level, then Provincial and then Regional. I was quite good…. but not excellent. I never made it to the National level and, when I was 14, I decided to quit. I made that decision because I wanted to have a social life and training every afternoon was too much for me. After this I was a part of Basketball and soccer teams, I couldn’t get enough of the competitive aspect.  

In 2002, watching the Olympic Games on TV I discovered skeleton. I was mesmerized, I had to try it. I started to contact everybody in the Federation. At first I received no answers. A few months later a guy I was working with became the push coach of the SK Italian team.

I didn’t know him very well, but I bugged him enough about the team that he eventually put me in contact with the development coach. After few weeks, I was on ice and it was one of the best feelings I ever had. In 2003 I set my goal to reach the Olympic games in 2010 or 2014. That was my chance to fulfill a dream that I had since I was a child. Well, it didn’t start well. I competed in the 2003 Italian Championships and I slid horribly. I was out of the development program but I didn’t give up. I wanted a second chance. I needed it. I started to work out harder and harder. I became more and more passionate. I trained for years just for the hope to have a second chance.

Then one day, in 2006 it happened. I showed up on the Torino Olympic track and I did so well that I was admitted to the Italian Championships again. This time I finished 5th and I made the team. The following year I competed for my Country in Europa Cup. I finished best Italian “newbie”. My second year was not easy for me. The Team was not supporting me because they thought I was too old for skeleton. Because of this I was excluded from some competitions which definitely didn’t help my confidence.

At the end of the season they asked (forced) me to quit. My results were still ok and they couldn’t kick me off the team but it was clear that I was not wanted anymore. 

I was destroyed. Luckily, that winter I met the man that, in the new year, became my husband. He is from Calgary and back in 2008/09 he was coaching team Canada. He helped me get my self-esteem back. I came to Calgary for the summer and I met few Canadian former athletes.

I decided that I was going to fight for my spot again. I wanted to show my real value. I purchased a Talisman Centre Pass in 2009 and I started training again. It felt awesome. I got back on ice in November. At the end of pre-season selections, I was the 4th ranked Italian but they still seemingly did not want me. I didn’t care because I earned my spot. It was not easy but I competed for Italy until 2012.That year I realized that I was a very good slider but I was not excellent. 

I closed my career as best Italian in the world rankings. I quit when I wanted to quit and I quit because I was ready to move on. I was so close to reaching my life’s dream, but it didn’t matter anymore. I was ready for a new life. In 2013, I competed for the last time in a local race in Innsbruck (finished 4th) and a year later I had a baby. I moved permanently to Calgary in 2014. I volunteer to coach old skeleton friends when they come to practice or race here in Calgary and most of the time I take my 4 years old son to the track with me (if he is not busy learning and having fun at the Repsol Sport Centre Preschool). I also maintain a membership at Repsol Sport Centre because I want to continue to be physically active and healthy for the rest of my life! 

Like a lot of people in this World my life was shaped by moments of pure joy followed by huge disappointments (or vice versa) but one thing I can say: I would never ever change my past. Bad choices, good choices, mistakes, failures, podiums and little personal victories, made me who I am today.

Mid-day workouts keep me sharp at work.

Ted Aumentado 
Member Since – October 2012

I joined Repsol Sport Centre in 2012 when I started working at a company nearby.  I noticed that most of my co-workers would leave to work out at noon while I sat, ate my lunch and stared at my computer.  My team suggested I join them to go work out one day and I have been going ever since.  Working out at lunch gives me a much-needed mental break as well as some of the much sought after "me" time.  I find that I am much more productive when I am able give my brain that short mental break away from the office.  Another benefit is that I generally feel better after working out.  Don't get me wrong I do also feel sore after but it's a good kind of sore.  

People often ask me why I go to the gym and why at noon. I usually give them the familiar but accurate line of being more effective at work, stress relief, etc...  But unfortunately, I don't have an inspiring story of how I started or even why I try to stay fit.  I have a good metabolism and I have always liked to stay active throughout my life.  So, going to the gym at noon is all about convenience and time management for me.  Pretty simple really.  I go when I am able and I do what I can when I am there.  Everyday has varying degrees of mental and physical effort, attitude and motivation.  Some days are great and some less than great.  I suppose the most realistic, albeit selfish reason I work out, is because I love to eat... a lot.  Now, I will admit that as I am getting older I cannot just eat whatever I want and when I want.  But working out allows me my tasty indulgences as well as keeps me from looking like or at least feeling like a marshmallow.

Repsol Sport Centre is a great place to keep physically active and its proximity to the office makes it a natural choice. There are great activities for everyone no matter the fitness level so you don't have to just pick heavy things up, then put them back down. From swimming, badminton, fitness classes and everything in between there seems to be something for everyone. I find it’s very difficult to get bored here, even when you are coming 5 times a week. 

I think it runs in the family.

Brae & Luke Scrymgeour 
Members Since – August 2015 & October 2016

I (Brae) joined Repsol Sport Centre when I started working near Lindsay Park in 2014. My office mate was a member and he’d walk over every day at lunch while I sat staring at my computer. Eventually he invited me to join him and introduced me to the squat rack. The squat rack wasn’t really my thing, but I was easily bored by the tread mill, and I had no idea where to start with the weight machines. Somehow, I stumbled into an Adrenaline class, and before I knew it I was scheduling work meetings around the Adrenaline schedule. I absolutely loved the energy and support of the trainers, and how they pushed me beyond what I thought was physically possible. Dinner conversations with my husband (Luke) included talk about the new exercises that I was learning like Superman Lifts, Turkish Get-Ups, and Wood Choppers. 

Pregnant with our second child I lost the motivation to work out in 2015. I didn’t renew my membership until I returned from maternity leave in 2017. I started with Adrenaline classes, and once again fell in love with the energy and support of the trainers – a new crew. This time around though I made an effort to make friends with other members in the class. Soon I was bonding over burpees and being introduced to new classes like Spin and Pilates. Dinner conversations with Luke not only included how many squats I had done that day, but also who I had seen at the gym. 

Luke has always been athletically inclined. He grew up as a member of the Calgary Golf and Country Club and went to Oral Robert’s University in Oklahoma on a golf scholarship. He’s won a few big tournaments. At two years old he learned to ski and fell in love with the mountains. For years Luke was a regular at Lake Louise and would often road trip to Revelstoke based on snow reports. And while he’s played basketball, shredded on water skis, and picked-up biking, he’s never been a part of a gym community, at least not one that he loved.

I gave Luke the guest passes that I received for renewing my membership, but I couldn’t convince him to put them into play until the shoulder season (between golf and skiing). Finally, he joined me for an Adrenaline class, and the rest is history. My single membership became a family membership. Luke quickly made friends and he branched out from Adrenaline into Spin and Boxing classes. 

This past year we had our kids on the track with us, our oldest daughter started swimming lessons, and both Luke and I participated in the 500-meter row contest. We’re currently planning our first road or trail race together. Being Repsol Sport Centre members has given us a place to hang-out as individuals, as a couple and as a family. It’s introduced us to so many genuine people and taken our fitness to the next level. 

We feel so privileged to be a part of the Repsol Sport Centre community!

If I don't keep moving, I won't be moving.

Carol Allan 
Member Since – September 2011

My childhood was wonderful but far from being normal. I was born with a severe heart condition and by the age of 16 I had undergone two heart surgeries and had Polio in between. I was unable to cycle, run, walk or play like normal kids. I knew I had a very challenging road ahead of me. By the age of 18, I realized if I wanted to remain well, it was up to me. I must be diligent about rest, diet and taking care of myself. My second surgery in 1958, was the very early beginnings of heart surgery and I was fortunate to have a brilliant surgeon who went out of his comfort zone to save my life. With little research available at that time and limited resources, my surgeon had an inspiration during surgery to do a procedure that had never been done before. I owe my life to him and my devoted family.

Exercise had never been a part of my life and when a cardiologist told me that I must walk more I was mortified. I told him my heart would pound too much if I walked. Little by little I began walking and it progressed more and more as I became older. By the 1990’s, I had three cardiologists tell me that parts of my surgery would fail me, and I would require more surgery. Fear overcame me as I did not want to go through surgery again. My only defence was to walk and walk some more.

By the time I reached my fifties, I had severe pain in my neck, lower back and legs. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. After consulting with a rheumatologist, I asked her what I should do but I told her I would not take any pain medicine. I told her I was going to exercise until the pain went away. At that point, I was struggling to get out of a chair and my husband said “you are just so weak, you need to go to the gym and build up your strength”. With much encouragement from my husband and my doctor also telling me to go to the gym, I reluctantly went. My life has done a turn around since then. I have fewer doctor visits and take far less medication.

I have been going to Lindsay Park, Talisman Centre and now the Repsol Sport Centre since the 1990’s. I have been in the Cardiac Wellness program (now known as Total Cardiology), physio therapy, pilates, yoga, massage, aqua fitness and gym for several years. When my doctor told me I must go to the gym, I realized I needed a trainer because without one I would injure myself working on my own. I am so grateful to my husband for giving me the opportunity and pushing me to train. I feel as though this is my new medication. Fiona and Loreen are my trainers and they have helped me  overcome so much. Balance and strength are the two main things we work on constantly. My body is basically now free from pain. My doctor told me a few years ago that if I hadn’t gone to the gym, I would be in a wheelchair or with a walker and cane. How grateful I am to have listened to him and my husband.

Many other illnesses have taken me on. I have had Transverse Myelitis twice and two years ago I was diagnosed with water in my left knee. My biggest challenge now is learning to navigate stairs and in particular learning to walk down stairs properly.

I always go back to the gym to heal my body. My moto is: If I don’t keep moving, I won’t be moving. It has now been 4 years since I last took a yearly infusion for my osteoporosis. How grateful I am to everyone who has helped me along the way. To my loving family and my dedicated doctors and trainers, I give you my heartful thanks. Now at 76 years young, I feel better than I have in many years. Exercise is truly my friend.

A very healthy place for a health pro.

Steve Mape 
Member Since – May 2011

I have always been passionate about health and wellness, which inspired me to pursue an education in this field. I am a Registered Nurse in an emergency department here in Calgary. I have both a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Exercise Science from the University of Lethbridge. Through my education, I have developed a passion for a holistic approach to fitness, which Repsol Sport Centre definitely provides. As a centre that facilitates the development of both competitive athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts, I believe it creates a dynamic environment that keeps me focused on obtaining my goals. It is also a space that continually inspires me because I am surrounded by world class athletes. Initially, I started working out independently at the gym and pool, but soon discovered the many classes available to members at Repsol Sport Centre.  As an advocate for health and wellness, I believe the Repsol Sport Centre Team do a great job of promoting inclusiveness in all that they promote. This is what keeps me coming back and helps me to try new classes and programs within the facility.

My career in healthcare often requires a high degree of mental alertness and the ability to manage thoughts in a sometimes chaotic and often fast-paced environment. This can cause a high level of stress, but with the assistance of all that is available to me at Repsol Sport Centre, I am able to take care of myself both mentally and physically. For me, working out is a great way to manage stress levels and energy levels to ensure I am the best I can be on a daily basis. I look forward to using the facility and all that comes with being a member here at Repsol Sport Centre! I am also excited to see how the faclilty will grow/ adapt in the future and I am eager to grow with it. 


Getting active to take on life's challenges.

Anna Blaxley 
Member Since – March 2014

I work a desk job, so my daily activity level is pretty low. There had been times in my life when I was far more active and fit, I missed feeling healthy and being able to take on any challenge. Being in my late 30s, I realized I had two choices: invest in myself and my future health, or continue a life of inactivity (ultimately leading to many issues down the road). 

I started working out at Repsol Sport Centre after I did a drop-in and realized it was the best facility in Calgary, hands down. The location and amenities are unparalleled. I loved that kids, families, seniors, differently abled folks and professional athletes all played, worked out and trained under one roof. Repsol Sport Centre has a real community vibe; that feeling of inclusion goes a long way to making you comfortable, especially when you’re doing something as uncomfortable as getting back into shape. 

For a while I did my own thing in the gym. After a while I started to discover the many classes available to members. Each of them was excellent in both content and instruction. I especially loved the Adrenaline circuit class- it combined weights and cardio HIIT to give you a super challenging yet fun workout. I met Whitney ( a personal trainer) when she taught the Adrenaline class; she had a great energy, created unique circuits and was ridiculously ripped- which I found super inspirational.

When The PUSH program was advertised, I saw it as an opportunity to make further progress in my goals. And when I saw Whitney as one of the trainers available for the program, I requested her. 

Over the last year and a half I’ve done two PUSH programs with her, and continued training with Whitney throughout the year. She helped me get in the best shape of my life. She listened to my goals, and created workouts that helped me meet and exceed what I thought was possible. 
I feel extremely lucky to know someone as positive, professional, knowledgeable and motivational as Whitney, and I’m incredibly grateful to call her a friend as well. 

Going to Repsol at the end of a workday might be the most physically demanding part of my day, but it’s hands down the most rewarding. Whether it’s a class or a training session, I always come out feeling better, less stressed, more strong— and ready to meet whatever life throws at me. 


Step out of your comfort zone and good things will follow! 

Anita Weiss 
Member Since – June 2015

I joined Repsol Sport Centre the summer of 2015, with my two best friends. I was lucky enough to have supportive friends who wanted to make a lifestyle change while also spending time together in a fun engaging environment. We would often go to a yoga class or do some cardio/weights, and then grab a coffee afterwards. I was active when I was younger, but after graduating school and starting a full-time office job, I began to realize that I was no longer in shape, and needed to try harder to stay in shape. I began to have a steady routine but when I tried the 2017 Yoga/Cycle challenge, it kicked my butt. There were so many great people competing and so many people who also completed the challenge like myself. I was lucky enough to win, there was a lot of hard work put in. I knew that when I started it was going to be difficult to juggle the variety of classes, with work, and a social life. It took a lot of planning on my part to make sure the classes fit into my schedule. I was also lucky enough to have friends who were also participating in the challenge so this helped me stay motivated and keep up with a social life. I knew that I already had one hot yoga class that I loved, but was excited and a bit nervous to try other classes with other instructors. After the first 2 weeks, I found that I liked being out of my comfort zone and trying new things/ classes. I think for many people (myself especially) the gym can seem like an intimidating place where everyone is perceived to be super fit and always looks like they 100% know what they are doing. I love staying active, and all of the classes Repsol Sport Centre has to offer. Every instructor and person working there is always super friendly, engaging and willing to help when I looked like a fish out of water.

I never used to be the person who went to a fitness classes by them self. I always needed to bring someone to feel comfortable and envied the people who could show up by themselves and rock it. If there is one thing the yoga/cycle challenge taught me, is confidence and that I can handle going to a class by myself. I might look silly and make a fool out of myself, but I know that nobody will laugh at me, and everyone will be supportive and help when they can. I admire people who are 100% dedicated to fitness and can run marathons and participate in many fitness events a year. I try and have a balance with fitness, work, life, and eating cupcakes. I love everything Repsol Sport Centre has to offer; the swimming pool, weight rooms, badminton courts, and the many fitness classes. 

If I were to give anyone advice about fitness (even though I am far from an expert), it would be to step out of your comfort zone. I love the feeling of being active, and how it makes me feel afterwards, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable, frustrating, painful, and stressful. I really try to not compare myself to others that I see at the gym. When I see people that can do more than me, I am jealous, but I also realize that I should be comparing myself to myself, and gauging my own fitness journey. I also believe that fitness should be about balance. If one day I feel like doing cardio, then I do cardio. If another day, I’m sore and want to rest, I will do yoga. If it’s the weekend and I’ve had a stressful busy week then I will go for a walk on 4th street or 17th, and do some shopping. Each person is different, and we all like different things! It is amazing to have friends to go to the gym with, but it’s also okay to realize that maybe you like different things. I’ve found in my own fitness journey that if I am trying to do something that I don’t like, then eventually I will stop doing it. The key is to find something you actually like doing, whether that is weights, cardio, Group Fitness classes, yoga or running on the track! 

Learning from your past for a better future! 

Jeff Weidenhamer 
Member Since – September 2004

I joined Repsol Sport Centre in 2004, with the goal of getting into a consistent swimming routine for a full body workout. My fitness journey up to that point had seen various phases of jogging, rollerblading and biking. All of this was an attempt to drop pounds I had since childhood and increase my endurance. While not obese, I was a chubby kid, and I was able to lose most of my weight in my twenties by focusing on jogging and better eating plans. It was also helpful to have a roommate at the time, who was starting into fitness himself, we both got well-versed in the details of caloric intake and nutrition, a life skill that has since proven invaluable. However, I always struggled with losing those last 10 pounds, and swimming definitely helped me achieve my goal to become leaner. 

I swam consistently for several years before moving into the weight room to add muscle mass. Then, and still, I continue to jog in order to keep up my cardio, but my main focus has been on weight lifting. Repsol Sport Centre has been the perfect venue for me—price, location and a comprehensive facility that can serve my fitness needs.  Working out has the dual effect of keeping me physically active, but also mentally fit, allowing me to de-stress or organize my day’s itinerary in my head while I work out. I also used to work exclusively from home, it was a great opportunity to get out among other people and break up the monotony of the day. 

I look at my food intake as I would any budget—ensuring I have enough fitness and dietary ‘income’ to cover my caloric ‘expenses’. It’s a mindset that works for me. In hindsight, being chubby in my youth has proven invaluable in keeping me on the fitness path. It allows me to know my body, manage and maintain my weight within a few pounds of my goals. I’ve found that frame of reference can be lacking in those who were either highly athletic, or simply had a great metabolism in their youth. Without that knowledge of their own body and the fitness levels required to maintain it, many don’t work proactively to stop those excess pounds that can begin to accumulate in their twenties and thirties. I find these people can often end up with a lot of weight to manage later in life.

I don’t have a rigid weight training or cardio regimen, but tend to tackle muscle groups in phases to focus on the areas I want to develop (with the help of YouTube or Google). I find that helps keep my fitness regime fresh so I don’t get tired of doing the same thing all the time. I continue to strive to add pounds of muscle mass and lower body fat, but my ultimate goal is simply to improve my fitness level and ensure that I can maintain a very active lifestyle into old age.   

Being physically and mentally fit allows you to be flexible in challenging times. 

Colin Klippenstein 
Member Since – October 2015

Exercise has always an important aspect of my life and in the life of my family. Being the youngest, I learned from my brother and sister (both now personal trainers) how to train effectively and with proper technique. My passion for fitness started with track and field during elementary school. I would compete in short and long distance competitions. It gave me such a rush to run with all my energy. As a kid, I felt speed to be my super power.
My parents encouraged me to pursue different sports during my childhood in order to develop physically and socially. The sports I initially tried included; swimming, baseball, and soccer. I found what I enjoyed most, was independent sports. As life became inevitability more stressful in high school, running became my therapy. After a tough day of school, I found solace in going on a jog and being free to reflect on the day. My family lived on a large property outside of a small town in British Columbia. This gave me ample space to run outdoors with few limitations. Running seemed to really heighten my senses, I felt extremely mindful as I breathed in the fresh air and listened to birdcalls through the forest trails I would explore.
Running continued to be a passion through university and I competed in 5-10k races throughout BC. My first half-marathon was a mistake. I signed up for the 10k and had been placed in the half-marathon category. I took this as a challenge, trained hard and was proud of my accomplishment. Running never seemed like a chore, but something I loved to do. I am not competitive so going on a run is like meditation. It’s calming and feels so nice to let go of any troubles of the day.
I started going to Repsol Sport Centre in 2015. I had been to many gyms before but never lasted more than a few months. After running my first marathon, I felt that my training was very one-sided. Balance is so important in exercise. My decision to try a gym again was to see if I could incorporate cross training into my daily life. Other gyms I had tried were focused mainly on weights it seemed. Repsol Sport Centre is a facility that has everything.
Getting bored at the gym use to be challenging, I found it hard to continue doing the same thing every day. When I joined Repsol Sport Centre I tried everything from Deep Water Fitness to Zumba. I never felt myself getting bored and wanting to give up on the “gym” experience. I could now run laps with fellow runners, swim, lift weights, join a yoga class all in one place. Repsol Sport Centre has something for everyone. I love the community within its walls. It is really motivating to see such a large range of athletes, from those doing physiotherapy and recovery to those training for an Ironman.
If asked what I train for, I would say I train for life. Exercise is key for mental health. I’ve had anxiety in the past and training gives me confidence to overcome such obstacles.  It does not cure everything but it improves my physical and mental stamina when life is tough. 
I fall into the category of a regular patron who loves coming to the gym but still runs and trains for events. I feel that I now have a much more balanced and healthy exercise routine than I did before. It reduces my stress from work and life, it allows for the development of physical and mental strengths. I know friends who have been coming here for years, and I can see myself in the future as one of those people. Coming to Repsol Sport Centre is like entering another community of people driven for self-improvement that join with each other to be fit for life.  

The one and only constant in my fitness story seems to be Repsol Sport Centre. 

Lynn Krasey 
Member Since – September 2008

I have been a member for over 10 years but my health and fitness routine has changed many times.  When I look back now, I can appreciate how many different programs I have been involved in. I’m know this list of programs will continue to grow and I can stay fit and healthy in ways I never anticipated.   

I first joined in my early 20s when I was in in great shape and had the time and enthusiasm to do anything.  I was always ready to challenge myself and decided that I wanted to try a triathlon.  I had always been a strong swimmer and had picked up running over the last few years, but cycling was a completely foreign world.  When I joined Repsol Sport Centre’s Tri Club, I didn’t even own a bike!  The 3433 Triathlon Club was so welcoming – the coaches were motivational yet supportive and I made many great friends.  There was a range of different classes you could choose and with each new semester you could switch up your classes to focus more on swimming, biking or running.  It was a great way to get into the sport. 

When it was time to register for my first race, we got a group of friends together and rented a house for the weekend at Wasa Lake.  It is such a great venue and fun event, especially with a group of friends supporting you.  Since then, we have gone back for the weekend many times and it’s always a great measure of how my fitness level is doing.  Last year, I had my 1 month old son with me so I didn’t take part in the event, instead I just cheered on friends and family from the sidelines.  

As life has gotten busier and changed with the addition of my son, I found myself back at Repsol Sport Centre more than ever.  There are so many great programs for babies and new moms.  During my maternity leave, we did swim lessons together and then I signed up for the Baby and Me Class.  This was by far my favorite “baby accessible” workout class in the city.  You could wheel your stroller right into the gym which means not having to wake them up if they are sleeping! The class also gives you the option of leaving them in the stroller if they are happy and then you can really focus on your workout instead of chasing after them.  As my baby became more mobile, I started taking him to the childcare center. I could not say enough good things about Jennah and the wonderful caregivers there.  This quickly turned into my son’s favorite place to go, he would run into the playroom and then not want to leave an hour or 2 later when I came to pick him up.  It also meant I finally got back some time to myself.  

I was definitely not in the same shape as when I first joined the tri club all those years ago but I have always stayed healthy.  I have really enjoyed the weekday morning Pilates and Strength & Balance classes to help me build back up some muscle tone and strength.  My lifestyle has changed again now as I find myself back at work full time and pregnant again, all exciting changes but it gets hard to fit exercise into that schedule.  I know that I will continue to go to Repsol Sport Centre and continue to take care of myself and I am looking forward to all the different facilities and programs I have yet to explore …. like FLOATABLES

Using the power of variety to conquer injury. 

Lynn Wilson 
Member Since – July 2010

My fitness journey started in 2008 when a co-worker asked me to run a 10k for the Calgary Corporate Challenge. I remember thinking there is no way I can run a 10k, but I gave it my best shot and finished. I first started training on my own with the little I knew at The Talisman Center, which is now known as Repsol Sport Centre. Once I finished the 10k race I was hooked on running, the adrenaline rush of the race, and the sheer feeling of accomplishment. This was all I needed to continue my fitness journey. 
After completing my first race, I started to train for longer distances. Before I knew it, I was training for half, and then full marathons. I ran my first half marathon with a training plan my friend gave me. I had no idea what pace meant, what speed work was or what a long run entailed. I continued on my training journey picking up random plans I thought would work only to sustain an injury in the end. I ripped my hamstring and had to stop running completely for over a year! I was devastated not knowing what to do next, when I realized that cross training was the next logical step. Once I started feeling better I began to incorporate cycling classes, yoga and swimming laps to my routine. This made me realize that I wanted to start training for a triathlon.  
I started to build up my stamina by swimming in the fifty-meter pool. This also helped my body, to get a better idea of what it would be like to swim longer distances for the open water swim. While learning the technique of how to cycle for a triathlon, I was able to get some much-needed advice from staff at Repsol Sport Centre. They were able to assist me in properly adjusting my bike, learning the techniques used for hills and brick training see what it would actually feel like to complete a triathlon. Because of my training at Repsol Sport Centre, I finished second in my age group at the 2012 Banff Triathlon. I loved the challenge of the swim, the thrill of the bike, and the adrenaline of the run so much that I competed in the Banff, Chestermere Lake, Lake Chapparel and Penticton Triathlons in years following. 
Unfortunately, while training for the next triathlon I sustained another injury to my Hamstring. I wanted to keep in shape while I recovered from my injury, so I started to try different classes to enhance my fitness training. I added Group Power, Group Core and sometimes Maximum Step Classes (which were a challenge as I am not that coordinated on the step). Things were going great until again I sustained yet another injury; this time it was my hip. All my hard work to get back to the fitness level I was at once again came crashing down. I had to completely stop all my classes, and the only activity I was able to do was jog in the water. This was the case for the next six months. Once I started to get stronger I was able to start swimming laps once again. I liked to swim five days a week until I sustained another injury. Because of how low impact swimming was after a while I was finally able to start running as well.  
I am now happy to say that through sheer commitment, determination and consistent training I am back to running, cycling classes, yoga, and swimming five to six days a week. Throughout my fitness journey at Repsol, I am so grateful to Heather Ferns who is a truly inspirational and an amazing person. Each time I saw Heather, either in a class or walking through Repsol Sport Centre, she was someone I looked to for advice and guidance in my fitness training to getting me back on track.  
As I continue to age, I am realizing the importance of staying fit and healthy. I am so grateful to be able to come to such an amazing facility as Repsol Sport Centre, where I feel encouraged to work hard to be the best version of myself. 

Although I am not the fastest or strongest by far, I am certainly willing to put in the effort. 

Cristina McDonagh 
Member Since – January 2016

My journey started at Repsol in January of 2016 and I was 226 lbs.  What brought me to Repsol is unusual.  I was out of town, in my hotel room, flicking through channels when I came across a broadcast of the Kona Ironman event.  I was in awe of regular people who were crossing the finish line after a 17-hour race!  I watched the whole thing and when it was over I was inspired.  I wondered if maybe I could do something like that one day.  Even half the distance would be an amazing goal.  It was such a crazy idea, but what if I could?  During the summer of 2015 I decided to try a tri-it, and sprint distance triathlon.  With how physically difficult at the time these distances were to me, I just could not imagine how I could finish a longer distance.  I felt slow and out of shape.  I decided to make a change, and as a New Year’s resolution I joined the gym.  

With my new goal, I entered my new gym with new anxiety.  I had no idea what to do with myself!  So at that moment I decided to keep my goal a secret for now.  I decided that I had to start somewhere.  I perused the gym website and found a listing of different group exercise classes.  I thought, why don’t I try one of these cycle classes?  It might get my legs moving again.  I signed up for my first cycle lights class and I loved it.  I was hooked.  I started going to a few more classes, and by the summer, I was taking more cycle lights classes, running on the treadmills, and cycling on the machines.  It allowed me to be in better shape to train outside during the summer.  When the fall came I realized that I had lost about 10 lbs.  My body felt stronger, and I thought that if I really put the effort in, I just might be able to reach that crazy goal I thought of long ago….Without anyone else knowing, I booked my Ironman 70.3 for the next year.  In that moment I decided to commit to an even bigger change.  No matter how slow, and no matter how ugly, I was going to do it somehow.  After a long negotiation with my body and my fridge, I concluded that I had to spend more time at the gym and eat right.  I decided to change to a plant based diet, and after some helpful tips from the gym’s nutritionist, I felt like I was on the right track.  Most, if not all the free time I had was devoted to going to the gym to train myself, swimming laps in the pool, and of course going to those cycle lights classes.  

By the spring of 2017 I was feeling much stronger.  I decided to sign up for a few shorter distance triathlons just before my Ironman 70.3 (which was still a secret to most) to see how my self training was going.  I found myself joining a 30-day cycle/yoga challenge at the gym.  At this point I had not tried a yoga class, and so I did.  Yoga classes felt amazing!  My tight muscles were getting what they sorely needed.  During the challenge I tried every type of yoga class.  With all the of classes I was joining, and the training I was doing on my own at the gym, I found that I was never bored.  On top of that, I was now 50 lbs lighter.  The icing on the cake was finding out that I won 2nd prize in the challenge!  Enclosed in the prize package was a gift certificate which allowed me to pick up my first tri suit.  I was looking forward to what could happen next.

I started June 2017 off with a sprint distance.  I finished it and it felt good!  I felt confident coming into my next race which was an Olympic distance.  It would be my first open water triathlon.  I thought that an open water swim should be just like a pool swim sans the walls, right?  I was wrong.  I panicked, and I was the very last person to finish the swim…the very last one.  I was crushed.  I felt discouraged, and embarrassed.  You name it, I felt it all at once.  I got out of the water though, and I finished the race.  I was one of the last ones to cross the finish line, but it was important to me that I did not bail out.  I had to finish it.  My new found anxiety pushed me to seek swim coaching for the first time only weeks before my Ironman 70.3.  I was contemplating on not showing up for my big race.  My feelings of discouragement quickly morphed into blazing fear.  Over those few weeks I learned that swimming with a group, and being coached was an excellent way to get over my fear.  However, to be honest with whomever is reading this, I was still too terrified to tell anyone that I was just about to participate in an Ironman 70.3.  I mean, what if I chickened out?

July 23rd, 2017.  I came dressed to run a race, and to accomplish my goal.  I finished an Ironman 70.3 that day.  I finished MY race.  My secret goal became a reality.  It was one of the most terrifying days of my life as it was also one of the most amazing.

As of this November of 2017, I am now 64 lbs lighter, and my goal is to finish a longer distance triathlon next year.  The Repsol Sport Centre has been an integral part in reaching my goal this year.  I am now ready to commit to an even bigger change.  I have just recently joined the 3433 Triathlon Club as I feel that training with other like-minded people, and coaches, will help me achieve greater things.  Although I am not the fastest or strongest by far, I am certainly willing to put in the effort.  I may feel intimidated, but I have a goal I want to reach, and no matter how slow or ugly, I’m going to do it somehow.  

On days I want to try something new I feel that I am never without an option.  I have recently tried boxing bootcamp, and adrenaline, and I love it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt intimidated at the gym, and to them I’d say to keep at it even when things are not going right.  Failing is normal.  Mistakes are normal.  Change takes time, but it will happen.  No matter how slow this process may be for me, I know I have the capacity to overcome what lies ahead.  But of course, all of this is just a secret between you and me.

I am often asked what I am training for and the answer is always the same – life. 

Michelle Dagenais 
Member Since – November 2011

Growing up I was always very active. Track, boxing and baseball kept me busy during my school years.  However, after graduation, the level of athletic competitiveness declined, and I struggled to find what I needed as an adult.  I tried different gyms and trendy activities, but never did find the right fit until I found Repsol Sport Centre. That was over ten years ago. 

Repsol Sport Centre is a world class facility where athletes go to train and this energy, with a few other things, are what keep me coming back year after year.  It is common to see Olympic athletes training in the gym, competitive swim meets and high school students racing on the track.  It is a facility that attracts world-class athletes AND everyday people working hard to be better than they were yesterday.  Seeing people push themselves inspires me to train harder and be better!  

I am often asked what I am training for and the answer is always the same, life.  I train because it makes me happy.  Every morning I get a choice.  A choice to sleep in or a choice to work out and feel good.  I chose the latter. I feel very blessed to have my health and want to take advantage of it as long as I can because one day it may not be a choice. I rarely follow a program.  I prefer to listen to my body and energy levels.  Getting a good sweat is what makes me feel accomplished in my workout, and so I am often integrating plyometrics into my routine to keep my heart rate up.  Some days are better than others, but I always try to jump higher, run faster or lift heavier than the last day.  It doesn’t always work out that way, but as long as I show up, even if it is just for a stretch, I feel better for it.

Training is a mindset, a belief, a lifestyle. It is my choice.


What motivated me was the want of change. If I can do it, you can do it too! 

Masoud Foroozan 
Member Since – November 2007

Being 189lbs with height of 157cm at the age of 53 in Feb 2015, I wanted a change but didn’t know exactly what kind of change, I just needed a change.

I joined gym and a month later a friend mentioned that he was joining a 10K marathon. I also signed up, even though 10K seemed to be out of reach, I started exercising every chance I could. Despite this, my weight didn’t come down much as I expected so I learned to watch my calorie intake and diet. Slowly my weight came down. On marathon day, I was able to finish and felt as though I still had energy to burn. I continued my training and ran the Kelowna Marathon, which I finished. I felt that every penny I spent was worth it and the feeling of achieving this goal was incredible. 

When I told one of my good friends he suggested I try IRONMAN. I wasn’t quite sure what this was and he explained that it is a triathlon with longer distances. I didn’t think too much of this at the time so I stuck to running marathons. 

It seemed that every time I completed a marathon, they became easier and I was seeing better results. I was so excited from the energy and the joy of athletics that I registered for the Whistler 2016 full IRONMAN not knowing how to front crawl swim and not even owning a triathlon bike. I booked a hotel and started training for the IRONMAN at Repsol Sport Centre, focusing on my front crawl. It was difficult and stressful learning the front crawl, knowing the race was only 2 months away and that I had to swim a distance of 3.8km. I practiced swimming up to three hours every day. It was so tough that some nights I could not move my neck because it was so sore. One of my friends told me that I must practice in open water; it was another challenge for me. I found a group of swimmers using a lake community to practice, joining them made practice a lot easier and more fun. It was nice to meet some like-minded individuals as well. One month before the IRONMAN my bike arrived. I only rode my bike twice from a distance of 50 to 70km. To IRONMAN standard I was not ready but in my mind, I was.

When the IRONMAN started with the swimming portion, I finished it in 1hour and 37minutes. During the biking portion, I fell and still had around 13km left to finish but was not allowed to continue the bike race because of race rules. I had to forfeit the race, I felt so disappointed. The very next day I registered for IRONMAN 2017. I continued to practiced and trained with all of the free time I had. 

Finally, in July 2017 I participated in my second IRONMAN. Although it was windy that day I continued with lot of energy and focus and when I crossed the finish line I felt on top of the world. 

What motivated me was the want of change. Sometimes we want change but we don’t know what. We should try everything that comes our way. The answer sometimes lies in being committed and loyal to what you pursue and these consistencies bring happiness. What has worked for me is exercise, training, participating in organized races and a good diet. When you want to change, you should change your thoughts, your approaches and your what you put into your body. Surrounding myself with a positive atmosphere, conversations, movies, books and people was also part of the change.

My advice: Your body is the instrument to enjoy and make your life flourish. You should take care of it spiritually, mentally and physically. These three can lead to a well-balanced life. Get inspired and inspire. If I can do it, you can do it too! 

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