16+ years
Looking for an extra challenge in your MuayThai -Kickboxing and fitness – join RoundOne sparring sessions to build your inner and outer strength, confidence, timing and rhythm. Get shredded, Get strong in this professional MuayThai kickboxing program capable of producing ring level fighters.  It’s an opportunity to put to test your previously learned techniques and combinations in a safe and controlled environment. Previous experience required. Head gear, mouth guard, shin guards and groin guards are mandatory. 


16+ years
Warrior Muay Thai Kickboxing is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand up striking with various clinching techniques, punches, kicks,  knees and elbow strikes. Its designed to carve the most sculpted physique, clear the mind of stress, shed pounds while gaining serious martial art skills. Whether your goal is to develop confidence  to protect yourself or get  shredded, strong in record time , Warrior MuayThai offers you the formula to get results. In this program we also offer high intensity weight training drills , on great music to keep you motivated and have fun. Train like a fighter, look like a fighter, and be a fighter.   


16+ years
Have you always wondered how to do an inversion or more difficult balancing poses? This class is great for those wanting to expand their Yoga practice.


16+ years
Are you gearing up for a mid distance ride? This course will enable you to get stronger for your ride. Once a week for 5 weeks! This course will be great for those looking to see gains in their endurance, and cardiovascular capabilities. You can be a new rider or a seasoned rider- come on out and enjoy the course!


16+ years
Have you always wondered how to ride farther? Maybe you have done 80 km or 50 km but have a goal of 100km or further? This course is for you, as it will take your endurance to the next level. Let us know what your goal is so we can assist!


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