We are OPEN, thanks to our Members and staff making Safety and Fitness a Priority! We are in full compliance with AHS, banning indoor Group Fitness and team sport activities until December 15,2020.

Please continue to enjoy our weight room, track, pools, hot and cold tubs, cardio equipment and virtual classes. Check out our Member Playbook prior to your visit to ensure the best experience when you arrive. Continue reading on down the page to find the answers to your frequently asked questions.







Q. Will I receive a refund, credit or extension on my Membership for the recent Government Mandated Group Fitness suspension announced on November 12, that has been extended to Dec. 15?
A: Our facility offers the most variety of fitness and activity options In Calgary, and at this time, we are happy to additionally offer you access to a variety of Virtual Group Fitness classes and other pre-recorded at home work outs HERE. The Virtual Group Fitness classes are easily accessible on a zoom link and available for up to 36 hours to enjoy at your convenience. You can also individually enjoy full access to our gyms, pools, track and Fitness Centre.

Q: If I am not comfortable coming to the facility during this time how do I cancel my Membership?
A:  In order to keep traffic at our Customer Service Desk to a minimum we are encouraging cancellations via email at this time.  Please remember, the contract terms you signed up with are still In effect, and due to the massive increase in questions we are receiving, we will endeavor to respond within and up to 5 business days.  Please email info@repsolsport.com with one of the following statements: 

I  _____________ (first and last name as well as membership bar code), provide Repsol Sport Centre consent to cancel my membership and refund any credits to the credit card number provided on my Repsol Sport Centre membership contract.


If you would like your refund processed in the form of a cheque please include the following response.

I ____________ (first and last name as well as membership bar code), provide Repsol Sport Centre consent to cancel my membership and refund any credits in the form of a cheque to (confirmed address and postal code)

Important note: Annual Memberships are required to maintain the 6 month minimum commitment prior to cancelling unless required to due to medical reasons and/or job relocation as per the signed contract. Cancellation requests must be submitted no less than 5 business days prior to the next scheduled monthly payment. Forms received after this time period will be processed the following month.

Q: Can I put my Membership on hold?
A: We do not have the ability to put Memberships on hold. You can however, choose to cancel your Membership.


Single Admission/Drop-Ins

Q: Are drop-ins still available?
A: Yes, feel free to come and enjoy your favourite activity under the tent. We will continue to evaluate and advise accordingly should we need to make any adjustment to drop-in availability. 

Q: Is there anything that I need to do prior to my first visit?
A: Everyone is required to have an account setup prior to your first visit. To save some time on your first visit, please complete our new account set up form HERE.

Important note: Upon your first visit, we will  take a picture to add to your account and Photo ID will be required from those 13 years and up for each visit to the facility.

Q: Am I able to use my receipt for same day re-entry?
A: Maximum stay in the facility for Members and Drop-in customers is 2 hours so we are not permitting reentry at this time.

Q: Are the Late Rate and Workout Wednesday rates available? 
A: These products are not available at this time. We will reevaluate as restrictions ease in the New Year.

Q: Can I reserve a spot in any of the bookable activity spaces? 
A: At this time, our bookable activity spaces are available through our Member Portal and only available to Annual and Limited Members. Drop-in spots may be available if not all spots are pre-booked on the Member Portal. Please check availability at the Customer Service Desk upon your visit. Drop-in activity space is available on a first come first served basis and not guaranteed. 

 DROP-IN ONLY swim lanes are available for Monday to Friday from 11am-3pm. Check availability at the Customer Service Desk.


Q: Are your capacity limits reduced to 25%?
A: Yes! Our team did a great job verifying capacity in our spaces, and we are well under the 25% AHS capacity restriction as well as the 25% occupancy set under the Alberta Fire Code. Please continue to enjoy the activities under our spacious tent at your convenience.

Q: What are your peak times?
A: We are busiest from 4:00pm to 7:00pm weekdays.  

Q: Will the Child Care Centre be open?
A: Yes it is! Please visit our Child Care page to book your spot and for more details.

Q: Will the recent announcement affect facility hours?  
A: Facility hours will remain unchanged at this time; however, there are slight changes to hours on specific days over the holiday season. This decision was made to ensure our staff has time off to recharge and spend time with family while also ensuring there is still time for you to work out. Please see our updated holiday hours.

Dec 24:  7 am to 2 pm
Dec. 25: CLOSED
Dec 26:  CLOSED
Dec 31:  OPEN 7 am to 2 pm   
Jan 1:  CLOSED

Q: Are the Public Locker Rooms and the Family/Caregiver Change Rooms available for use?
A: Yes, however locker capacity is limited. To promote physical distancing we encourage you to come dressed in your workout or swim attire whenever possible. Please use our sanitation wipes before and after use. It is your responsibility to self-distance yourself from others, and wear a mask in the locker rooms. If you are still uncomfortable, don't use it and come dressed to work out, or use the caregiver Individual washrooms.  Abuse of signage and safety protocols may result in a temporary ban. 

Q: Are the Executive Locker Rooms available for use?
A: Yes, however complimentary amenities will not be available. Shared items are not permitted under current AHS guidelines. Towel service is still available.  


Q: Is Basketball available?  
A: Basketball is single player ONLY - one person per net. Basketball is available during the following times: Mon-Fri: 5am-6pm, Sat: 6am-5pm and Sun: 7am-5pm.

Q: Can I play Badminton?
A: Badminton is to be played with people in your same household.

Programs and Services

Q: Are Group Fitness classes running?
A: As per the most recent Alberta Government Mandate, all indoor Group Fitness classes are suspended until at least December 15, however no need to worry! We are happy to offer you access to a variety of Virtual Group Fitness classes and other pre-recorded at home work outs HERE. The Virtual Group Fitness classes are accessible up to 36 hours so to enjoy at your convenience. You can also individually enjoy full access to our gyms, pools, track and Fitness Centre. We will advise customers as soon as we are permitted to welcome you back to in-person Group Fitness!

Q: What are the changes to Aquatic Programs?
A: The following programs are cancelled for the remainder of the 2020 Calendar Year.

  • Parent and Tot Levels 1,2 and 3
  • Preschool Levels 1,2,3,4, and 5
  • Swimmer Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9
  • Junior Masters Swim Club
  • Junior Masters Stroke Proficiency
  • Lifesaving Club
  • Adult Beginner
  • Adult Intermediate
  • Adult Advanced
  • 30 min Registered Private Lessons
  • 45 min Registered Private Lessons

All affected programs will be credited accordingly for the cancellations. Credits can be used towards future registrations, drop in credits, or merchandise purchases. If you would like to request a refund, please contact Kayla Pearen, Aquatic Programs & Operations Manager at kpearen@repsolsport.com or 403-355-1261. 

 The following programs are unaffected and operate as normal:

  • 60 min One-Off Private Lessons
  • All Leadership and Certification Courses

Q: What about my current enrollment in Fall 2020 3433SPC Programs?
A: All 3433 programs have been suspended for the remainder of the Fall 2020 Season - this is a direct result of the AHS restrictions on group sports training. You will be contacted by email, and can send any questions to Bart Ujack, 3433 Sport Performance Manager at bujack@repsolsport.com or 403 355 1259.

Q: Does this affect my Personal Training sessions?  
A: One-on-one Personal Training sessions are not affected. Group sessions are permitted in a family group. If your sessions have been affected you will be contacted direclty by your Trainer.

Q: Are Active Living Programs still running?
A: Yes! We are excited to have your little ones here and enjoying our facility in the utmost safest manner.

Q: Is Winter 2021 Program Registration still open?
A: Yes! Register HERE.

Q: What is happening with your sport teams?  
A:  As per the AHS restrictions on group and team sports, the facility has cancelled all of Sport Partner regular training bookings between November 28- December 15. The following access is allowed:

  • Pools:  1 athlete per lane – Max number of lanes per club to book at one time is 2 and each athlete requires a coach.
  • Dive Tank: 1 athlete/quarter dive tank to a maximum of 2 athletes per club with 2 coaches at one time.
  • Gyms: Maximum 2 athletes and 2 coaches per half gym per club while still maintaining 2m physical distance
  • HPST:  2 athletes and 2 coaches permitted within this area

In addition, all athletes must  keep 2 m distance at all time, no gathering before or after booked time, the activity is APPROVED by the Sport Partners PSO, and a maximum 2 athletes and 2 coaches at any one time.

Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 5am - 10pm
Saturday: 6am - 9pm
Sunday: 7am - 9pm
Statutory Holidays: 7am - 8pm

There are no Group Fitness or Registered
Classes on statutory holidays.

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